Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Dearest sangat, I would like to share something I tried to spread across the web about five years ago, when my relationship with Sikhi was much stronger. I found it the other day, and thought I might share it with you. It's always nice to be inspired by our past selves, and I hope that with Waheguru's hukam, you, too, will be uplifted by the message.

Chardi kala,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!

It’s hard not to be bitten by the resolution bug each New Year’s Eve. The sense that we can make a fresh start in a fresh new year has many of us pledging to lose weight, exercise more, and quit bad habits in the coming year, but few of us resolve to do anything about our (often unhealthy) relationship with God.

This year, think about giving up just one hour each week for Waheguru. During this time, perhaps you can volunteer, meditate, go to Gurdwara, count your blessings, learn more about Sikhi, creative! Whether you get it all done in one 60-minute “marathon”, or break the time down into smaller, more manageable sizes, spending just one hour will likely not only increase your happiness but the happiness of those around you.

Too often, we forget about the essence of Sikhism, getting lost in the constant rush of our society. We rarely take the time to think about all that Waheguru has done for us, and even spending ten minutes each day to remember Her can change our perspective.

This New Year’s Eve, I hope that along with your pledges to get fit, read more, and spend less, you choose to devote one hour each week to Waheguru. Spending 52 hours this year is the least you can do for a being that spends about 8766 hours a year on you.

Think about it...
Chardi Kala!


Sandhu Singh Navjeet said...

why have u closed the polls.....I would like to vote....

marcinat said...

There is a new poll up now. I leave polls open for a month. Do you think I should leave them all open indefinitely?