Friday, December 18, 2009

World Religions

"There will be no world peace until there is peace among the world's religions." -Hans Kung, Catholic theologian

I took the bus today, and was immediately greeted by a turbaned bus driver. This immediately put me in a good mood, a state of calmness. I wonder why. Just because a person is of my religion, does that make them a "better person"? I'd like to think not. But then why don't non-turbaned people strike the same sense of happiness in my heart? That's not true. Some do. Many people of different faiths can strike happiness in my heart.

I didn't even speak to this driver. I have no idea what kind of a person he is. I just know it takes a lot of courage to wear a turban, to keep your hair in this crazy world.

And I know that I will be thinking a lot more about how my ideal of peace between religions plays out in the way I interact with people of different faiths (and in the current world - the increasing number of atheists).

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