Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daily inspiration: Chattr chakkr varti

From the last lines of Jaap Sahib (still have not figured out how to use AmritLipi on blogger):

Chattr chakkr varti, chattr chakkr bhugte.
God is present on all sides and by Her order controls the universe.

Suyanbhav subhang sarab-da sarab jugte.
God is self-illuminated; She is beautiful and is ever-present in all living beings.

Dukalang pranasi dialang sarupe.
God destroys the pains of births and deaths, and She is compassionate.

Sada ang sange abhangang bibhute.
God is present with all and Her grandeur will never vanish.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wonderful translation. was stuck and working on trying to understand this bani....God BLESS you

Anonymous said...

Thankyou thankyou thank-you... You really made my day...